Chasing Dragons – Faction: Prologue EP

    Chasing Dragons Faction Prologue EP Artwork

    Overall Score: 8/10
    Punchiness: 9/10
    Versatility: 9/10
    Sing-along-ability: 8/10
    Pros: Packed with potential.
    Cons: Over way too early!

    True to its name, Chasing Dragons’ ‘Faction: Prologue EP’ is a fantastic teaser of their talents and a solid promise to leave no stone unturned.

    It’s hard to tell whether to be excited or scared that such a brief glance at the world through Chasing Dragons’ eyes is so vividly heavy. If this amount of energy and conviction is the norm for this Leeds outfit, there’s trouble ahead when they drop a full-length.

    Vibrant from the onset, the noodly opening and complex backing of ‘Devil In Her Eyes’ showcases Tank as a born frontlady as she easily finds the midpoint between sinking in her talons and swooning with angelic high notes. Intensity is close to longevity, after all, and if this all too brief collection is anything to go by, they’re headed for the stars.

    Appropriately organised chaos ensues through ‘The Mutiny’, thumping and lulling in equal measure as if desperate to spread their wings through hearty 4-minute odes. The commanding presence of drummer Kate swells amid ‘Whitehorse’ while Mitch delivers an outstanding electric solo. This is an outfit that’s clearly got the strength and dedication to pull out a plethora of tempos in three tracks and make it look effortless.

    Five years since their inception, Chasing Dragons’ story is still one at its innocent beginnings. Playing their cards exceptionally well for a three-track EP, it would be wise to keep a weather eye on this quartet.

    Chasing Dragons’ Faction: Prologue EP is out now. The band can be followed on Twitter at @xChasingDragons. They celebrate the release of Faction:Prologue today (8th April 2016) with a hometown show in Leeds at Leeds Birkett Students Union.


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