Deference Are This Weeks’ Video Of The Week (6th April)

Deference Band Promo Photo

Chalk up another win for the home grown talent at Rock Sins’ video of the week! After another hotly contested contest, during which Polish metal legends Behemoth, Scottish rockers Vukovi and south coast metallers Deference were all in the lead at different times, it is Deference who have come out on top. Their video for their song Endure marks the end of a chapter for the band, who are currently looking for a new singer with the departure of current vocalist Dave. Our readers obviously like what they’ve heard – so maybe their new singer could be one of you who has voted for them. Check out the winning video, Endure, below:

Deference – Endure

Anyone who thinks they could be the next vocalist for Deference please contact them via social media, or if you just want to follow them and their journey to get a new singer, their Twitter account is @WeAreDeference. Stay tuned for this weeks’ video of the week with massive tracks from Architects and Deftones just to name two bands.

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