Letlive & Youth Man Live Review From The Dome, Tufnell Park, London, Friday 22nd April 2016

Letlive on stage at The Dome Tufnell Park 22nd April 2015

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Letlive on UK shores, and the excitement surrounding the announcement of their tour was palpable. Add to the fact that dates were few and in smaller venues than necessarily required, and excitement surrounding the tour began to rise to a fever pitch.

Youth Man [7] played the part of support on all UK tour dates, and the three piece from Birmingham stepped on to the stage to a decent sized crowd. Despite perhaps not been that well known to the crowd present, their stage performance and vocalist Kaila Whyte’s powerful vocals certainly get heads bobbing, even if there wasn’t a lot of movement from the spectating crowd. However, by the end of a 30 minute set, it was clear that the band had easily begun to win over those awaiting the main event.

Letlive [10] simply burst on to the stage to a completely sold out venue of screaming lunatics. Crowd participation is instantaneous the moment they launch into their first song, with crowd surfers and stage divers not far behind. Vocalist Jason Aalon Butler effortlessly provides a masterclass in both stage presence and crowd connection, moving like a tornado around the stage and engaging in easy conversation with the crowd. As everybody is no doubt aware, the man has recently been suffering from some health issues, but if he hadn’t mentioned it specifically, you would never have known.

New single Good Mourning America proves as much of a hit with the baying crowd as their older singles, and at the end of the set, the crowd are demanding that ever elusive “one last song.” Some of the crowd at the Dome tonight are no doubt going to be making it to at least the show at the Underworld to re-live the experience all over again, and it’s clear tonight that Letlive really do set the standard in performance and passion.

You can also check out a full photo gallery of the night’s action right here -> https://rocksins.com/2016/04/letlive-live-photo-gallery-dome-tufnell-park-22nd-april-27493/.


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