Pro Shot Footage Of Rammstein (Including New Song Ramm 4) From Pinkpop Festival 2016 Now Online

Rammstein Download 2016

Anyone who saw Rammstein’s fantastic set at Download Festival 2016 last Friday (well, fantastic apart from the technical difficulties) will know that they opened with a brand new song. The typically tongue-in-cheek new track, christened “Ramm 4” (we’re not sure if that’s a working title or not at the moment) went down a storm with the attendees at Download, and we can now report that some very good footage of the song has surfaced from another festival.

Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands, which takes place over the same weekend as Download, was allowed to film three Rammstein songs for future broadcast, one of which is Ramm 4. So anyone who wants to see some professional quality footage of the new Rammstein song, along with old favourites Du riechst so gut & Du hast (which go down rather well as one might expect), should check out the video below:

Rammstein reportedly returned to the studio to work on the follow up to Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da in September 2015. We await the new album most eagerly. Future updates from Germany’s finest metal export will be reported here in due course. Anyone who wants to know more about the Pinkpop Festival can visit their official festival website



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