Iodine Sky – Tides

    Iodine Sky - Tides Album Cover

    Overall Score: 9/10
    Tear-jerkers: 9/10
    Instrumental harmony: 8/10
    Solos: 7/10
    Pros: Powerful, heart-wrenching and sincere
    Cons: Another solo or two would make this perfect

    ‘Tides’ come and go, but Iodine Sky’s ability to reel in your emotions is crystal clear.

    3 years on from their conception, Manchester’s melodic quartet are a chemical reaction bubbling under the surface. If their debut album ‘Tides’ is anything to go by, however, they’re audibly prepared to swim the seas ahead of them, skilfully steered by the captivating notes of their frontman Aaron Ward.

    Bursting with atmospheric depth and a noodling backing, the conviction of opener ‘Broken Cross’ laments a loss of faith in the most sentimental of ways. Closely followed by the rising anger of ‘So Far Away’, their instrumental harmonies combined with Aaron’s sultry tones prove simply stunning.

    Would you take a bullet for someone you love? With the supportive and heartfelt cries of album highlight ‘Down Over Me’ backed by the title track’s authoritative sentiment, there’s a grand message of solidarity and unquestioning loyalty to be taken from this venture. The commanding sticksmanship of Josh Zahler in ‘Horizons’ and Josh Owen’s jaw-dropping fretwork through ‘Tides’ are instrumental proof of strength in numbers.

    At times seductive amid ‘So Far Away’ and perfectly suited to a lighters-in-the-air moment throughout ‘Summer Song’, ‘Tides’ showcases a myriad of ways in which Aaron’s enchanting vocals can tug on heartstrings. Most prominently, ‘Rewind’ plays a sullen anthem to giving up, contrasting the melodic beauty of ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and phenomenal high notes of ‘Horizons’. Even the bonus acoustic ‘Who Knows You’ conjures an outstanding example of Aaron’s priceless talent not to be missed for anything.

    For a debut album, ‘Tides’ stands to be a phenomenal display of a band set for the stars. In an ocean of empty promises and dismissive ballads, Iodine Sky are a breath of strikingly fresh air.

    ‘Tides’ is out now. Iodine Sky can be followed on Twitter at @Iodine_SkyUK.


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