UK Tech-Metal Fest 2016 – Rocksins’ Top Five Bands

With only a couple of days to go until UK Tech-Metal Fest 2016 (or TechFest for short) begins at Newark Showground, the anticipation is rising for Rachael as she prepares to cover the event for us.

The festival always provides an excellent array of music, the fifth anniversary being no exception. With over 50 bands on the bill, and no clashes, only the inhuman will be able to see all bands available. So, how on earth is anybody supposed to know which of the bands are unmissable?

Never fear, in no particular order, here are Rachael’s 5 picks for this year:

Destiny Potato

Saturday 9th July, 4.30 pm – Carillion Guitars Stage

Even being able to list Destiny Potato feels like something of a miracle. They’ve been on the line up for both the 2014 and 2015 incarnations of TechFest, but last minute problems have meant cancellations both times. Similar problems on previous UK tours has often meant that our dreams lay in tatters, and hope of seeing the band anytime soon had begun to dwindle.

All that changed last week when Destiny Potato played The Black Heart in London, kicking off the Road to Techfest tour. In that tiny, packed out venue Destiny Potato put on one hell of a show to a delighted crowd, proving without a shadow of a doubt that they have been very much missed the last couple of years.

Miss seeing them at TechFest at your peril (well, by peril we mean have to wait possibly years to get another chance).


Friday 8th July, 6.00 pm – Carillion Guitars Stage

Plini wowed the crowds at last year’s TechFest with an accompaniment that read like a who’s who of tech metal.

This is not to say that the man himself requires such back up, his particular brand of instrumental prog proving to be a huge hit during last year’s early bird. Music such as this simply transports you to a different place, and comes thoroughly recommended.

It’s not often that you get to experience a crowd being totally silent at a festival, but sitting at the back of the crowd for Plini last year meant that we experienced exactly that. We fully expect that Plini will capture his audience completely again this year, Whatever happens, it’s going to be emotional.

No Consequence

Thursday 7th July, 8.00 pm – Early Bird

No Consequence join the line up as a last minute addition following some cancellations to the festival.

This band feel like a Techfest staple, having appeared numerous times over the years. Owners of the world’s catchiest riff (fans will know the one we mean), and one hell of a stage performance, No Consequence will have you dancing in the aisles.

This year we’ve spoiled even further with their Rage Against The Machine after party cover set “Balls on Parade” so if the one set doesn’t quite fulfil your No Consequence hankering, you can fill up on a bit more on set number two.

From Sorrow to Serenity

Saturday 9th July, 1.30 pm – Carillion Guitars Stage

From Sorrow to Serenity are back on the Techfest bill after missing out on last year’s festival.

Since their last appearance in 2014 they’ve released their debut full-length album, Remnant Of Humanity, which has received some rather tasty reviews, and brought on board Gaz King (ex-Nexilva) as their new vocalist.

With Gaz being one of the best frontmen in the tech scene, we can only assume that him, coupled with the already excellent performance seen by the other band members two years ago, will produce a set to remember.

If you’re looking for hard-hitting deathcore that’ll punch your Friday morning hangover in the face, these are your boys.


Thursday 7th July, 9.30 pm – Early Bird

Napoleon are an exciting band, and one that has the entire UK scene watching following the release of Newborn Mind back in May of this year.

Without wishing to simply regurgitate the reviews already received, we will say that Napoleon shows with their new album that they can’t just think outside the box when it comes to their music, but readily smash their way out of it, combining technical guitar riffs with Wes Thompson’s crushing vocals.

Having yet to see Napoleon in a live setting, but having heard nothing but good things, hopes are high for the Thursday night headliners to close the first days proceedings with a bang.

Aside from these five bands there are plenty other excellent sets on offer throughout the festival. Check our the full line up on the poster below, and for even more details of this year’s TechFest, you can find them here:




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