Memoreve Announce Debut EP “Insignia”, London Show With Circus Maximus Tomorrow

Memoreve Band Promo Photo

For those who like their metal with a progressive flavour, or anyone whos’ a fan of Dreamcatcher or Power Quest, this is one new band you will want to keep your eyes and ears on.

Memoreve are a brand new six piece band with lofty ambitions and the riffs to match. Their members include musicians who were part of either Dreamcatcher or Power Quest (hence the earlier statement), and their debut EP, titled, Insignia, is going to be released on October 21st 2016.

Anyone who likes the sound of this and can get themselves to London on Saturday 27th August (which happens to be tomorrow) also has the chance to see Memoreve in the flesh. They will be supporting European prog metal favourites Circus Maximus at The Underworld in Camden, along with Gabriel and Looking For Droids. Tickets for the show can be obtained on the link that follows –

Here’s some thoughts from Memoreve on their forthcoming EP:

“Making INSIGNIA has been an incredible experience for all of us. We’ve come from all of our different origins, brought all of our inspirations together and put all our different attitudes on life and music into making this record. It’s proved that we have exactly the right people in the band to make the right kind of music together. We walk into rehearsal studios, venues or whichever bedroom we’re recording in that day and it just feels right.

INSIGNIA embodies the passionate, powerful and genuine music we all want to make, and we’re incredibly proud of it. To top it all, we even get to work with the most devoted, committed and authentic members of a group we all could ask for!

MEMOREVE wants to make music that means something, music that makes you feel strong and music that opens your eyes. With INSIGNIA, the first chapter of our full debut record, we feel like we’ve tapped into that and couldn’t be happier. And this is only the beginning!”

Lastly, if you want to hear them in action, check out Memoreve’s first single from earlier this year titled Falling Further, which was mixed and mastered by tech metal royalty in the shape of TesseracT Acle Kahney:

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