Sertraline Unveil New Single & Lyric Video For Change Of Heart

Sertraline Band Photo

A new band for our readers to enjoy here at Rock Sins are Stoke’s Sertraline. With elements of hard rock, traditional heavy metal and various other sub-genres in their sound, they’re s band we find quite hard to put a label on. So instead we would rather you just listened to them. Their new single Change Of Heart was released this week, along with a video that sits somewhere between a traditional lyric video and a full music video, and can be found below:

Lizzie Parry, Sertraline’s singer, had this to say about their new single:

“People are unpredictable. Change of Heart highlights that you never really know what a person is capable of. At first glance, there are two characters in the story. There’s actually three.”

The next opportunity to see Sertraline in the flesh is when they take to the stage at Chebfest. Chebfest is a one day festival in Leeds on the 27th of August with an all female line up where they will be performing alongside the likes of Chasing Dragons and One Last Run.

We’ll be keeping an eye on these guys for more new music. In the meantime, Sertraline can be followed on Twitter at @WeAreSertraline.

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