Black Peaks, Heck and This Be The Verse – Live Photo Gallery From Boston Music Room, London, 7th September 2016

Black Peaks on stage at Boston Music Room London 7th September 2016

Put together Brighton’s progressive post-hardcore Black Peaks and Nottingham’s utterly crazy Heck, and what do you get? A 12 day tour spanning the UK that was bound to be popular. We sent the only photographer on our staff with a death wish (Rachael gets all the best assignments) to the first of two sold out nights in London to catch this exclusive gallery of both bands and their support for the evening, This Be The Verse.

There are five nights still to go on this tour, and if you are in the areas sill left to experience the onslaught of two of the UK’s hottest bands then take the opportunity to grab any last minute tickets. If you missed out this time, we highly suggest that you get yourself to see either of these two fantastic bands as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can find both bands on social media and keep up to date with their latest antics and news: –

Black Peaks: Facebook || Twitter

Heck: Facebook || Twitter

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