EXCLUSIVE: The Dreamer Within Stream Their New EP “This Is Not Our Home” With Rock Sins

The Dreamer Within Band Promo Photo

A huge exclusive here today at Rock Sins as we’ve got the whole new EP, This Is Not Our Home, from Exeter electronic metalcore rising stars The Dreamer Within streaming for your listening pleasure – right here, right now! This Is Not Our Home is officially released tomorrow (30th September) but until then, the only place here to hear the EP in full is here with us. Enough warbling on our part, please enjoy the music below:

Recently, The Dreamer Within launched the video for their single C.M.N.K.S – which stands for the very originally titled Crystal Meth Nightmare Killing Spree, which you can check out below:

The Dreamer Within explain that C.M.N.K.S is very much intended as a rallying cry of a song:

“This song is predominantly about rising up to those who try to manipulate and control who you are and to not let anyone stand in the way of your goals, everyone deserves the opportunity to make something of themselves but every once and a while you have to fight for what you believe in”

If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard here, please pre-order This Is Not Our Home from the band’s official online store on this link – https://thedreamerwithin.bandcamp.com/album/this-is-not-our-home.

You can also follow the band on social media, specifically on Twitter at @DreamerWithinUK and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/thedreamerwithin

The Dreamer Within This Is Not Our Home EP Artwork Cover

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