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    The Lounge Kittens Sequins and C-Bombs Album Cover

    Lets start this review by being perfectly honest; The Lounge Kittens are not usually the kind of band you’d find on Rock Sins. But then, there aren’t too many very talented trio’s of female lounge singers who can cover the likes of Steel Panther and make it as fun as Jen, Zan and Timia can.

    With Sequins & C-Bombs being a covers album (albeit a very unique one), as one might expect certain songs come off better than others. What is pleasing for those who have followed The Lounge Kittens since they burst onto the scene at Sonisphere Knebworth two years ago, thanks in no small part to Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit, is that the majority of the songs on the album are definite successes.

    Sequins & C-Bombs is one of those albums where virtually every listener will have a favourite song. Some will prompt for the re-arrangement of The Darkness’ Love Is Only A Feeling, having been reworked so delicately that it would be a perfect choice for the next John Lewis Christmas Commercial (undoubtedly going viral in the process). Others may find the jazzed up rendition of AC/DC’s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap their highlight. Still others will opt for (the even more bonkers than the original) Bounce by System Of A Down, Kittens’ style. Other notable tracks include a wonderfully stripped back Want You Bad (The Offspring) and a version of Usher’s Yeah which manages to out-sass the original in glorious fashion.

    There are two medleys on the album, neither of which on paper sound like they should ever work but definitely do. The Prodigy mix (“Smack My Firestarter To Outer Space”) is a clever arrangement but it’s nothing compared to “Rammers”, an ode to everyone’s favourite German industrial metal giants Rammstein. Who knew a mix of Sonne, Feuer Frei and Du Hast could be made to sound with just a piano and three wonderful voices? Anyone who listens to this album will know.

    This album is one that’s likely to have some detractors, even if only because it’s a covers album and a portion of the listening audience will turn their collective noses up because of that fact. Those people can only be classed as soulless, as Sequins & C-Bombs is the most fun album anyone is likely to hear all year. If you want something different (but still familiar), or want to expose people you know to some great songs in a new way, then we suggest getting hold of The Lounge Kittens’¬†album as soon as you possibly can. You won’t be disappointed.

    Sequins & C-Bombs is released on the 16th of September 2016. Follow The Lounge Kittens on Twitter at @TheLKittens.

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