Video Of The Week (27th October 2016) – Metallica and Megadeth Collide, Plus Creeper & More

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So it’s been awhile since our last video of the week contest, so we’ve decided to have a slightly bumper edition this time around, with six videos as opposed to our usual five. There is a huge eclectic collection this time around, so let’s see who can come out on top to follow Death Valley High who were our winners last time.

With Metallica being, well, Metallica, any time a new video of theirs surfaces it is clearly a serious event. So it was something of a no-brainer to include Moth Into Flame (in our opinion one of the best Metallica songs in decades) in this weeks’ vote. Will the ‘Tallica army rise to the challenge to win video of the week? We will see.

It’s not often you get the opportunity to include Metallica and Megadeth in the same video of the week, so with Megadeth’s new video for Conquer or Die being released, we had to take the plunge. A very underrated track from the superb Dystopia which was released at the start of the year, it’s a timely reminder of Megadeth being back on top of their game.

Currently delighting fans all over the place, including being the current darlings of BBC Radio One (and not just the rock show), Creeper’s return with their new hit Suzanne looks set to propel them to even greater heights than what they’ve achieved over the last 12 months. Will the Creeper Cult see them victorious in this weeks’ vote?

Having just released a huge live DVD, and with new album Battles due out in a couple of weeks it’s a busy time for Gothenburg’s favourite sons In Flames. New single The End is likely to divide their fans as most of their recent releases do, but there’s definitely some interesting things going on that make us can’t wait to hear the album. Jesterheads will need to get the vote out in In Flames are to emerge victorious.

London rockers Bad Solution are a band we first cast our ears over last year, and they’ve returned with the hugely impressive track Dear Sarah, which is accompanied by an even more memorable video. The video covers the awful subject of child abduction, something which even if many people can’t directly relate to, the mere thought of is enough to give them nightmares, and Bad Solution have covered this very well with the Dear Sarah video, so please check it out.

Last but not least, Bad Solution’s London neighbours Exist Immortal are about to drop their brand new album, Breathe, tomorrow (October 28th), and are also set to head out on a tour to celebrate their new album. So it’s only right they finish that off with the triple whammy of a new video for the song Erode. Will Exist Immortal take home the video of the week crown? That’s up to you.

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Metallica – Moth Into Flame

Megadeth – Conquer Or Die

Creeper – Suzanne

In Flames – The End

Bad Solution – Dear Sarah

Exist Immortal – Erode

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