Ice Nine Kills – Live Photo Gallery – Rock City Basement, Nottingham, 4th November


Tonight is the first time Ice Nine Kills play Nottingham and it feels that way from the queue outside Rock City and a busy room even during the opening acts.

Shields are up first who are dominant on the stage and produce beautiful yet destructive riffs. The energy from Shields is always at an all-time high which was clear by how incredible there set was tonight.

Next up were Affiance…well it did not seem that way for a while. They came onto the stage 30 minutes late and started to do stand-up because of technical issues. “Never fly Ukraine Airways” is the quote from the night which I might personally take into consideration if I need to fly with them. A short but sweet three song set is all that they had time for. For myself I found their set really enjoyable considering I have never listened to them. The crowd on the other hand knew them very well and were screaming back the lyrics in the short amount of time they had to watch them.

Lastly Ice Nine Kills come on who come with all the energy possible in Nottingham. Spencer Charnas their lead vocalist could not stand still on the stage; most of the time he was climbing on the barrier and singing into the foreheads of his fans…fair enough. The band bring a creepy feeling with them as their lyrics are known for their horror influence. I was very satisfied with their set even if their music was not for me. I could tell however that the crowd had waited a very long time for this band to land into Nottingham, and were delighted with what they saw.


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