Metallica To Release Music Videos For Every Song On Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

Metallica 2016 Band Promo Photo

Metallica, as many of their fans know, like to do things differently. Whether it’s doing a gig in Anarctica, releasing their own movie (Through The Never) or even hosting and curating their own festival (Orion Music and More), Metallica like to push the boat out and do things that most of their peers wouldn’t consider.

Continuing that trend, Metallica have just announced that over the next 18 hours or so, they will release a new music video every two hours for each of the songs from their new album Hardwired…To Self-Destruct yet to have a music video. James, Rob, Kirk and Lars have already released music videos for Hardwired’s title track, Moth Into Flame and Atlas, Rise, but across the rest of today and tomorrow Metallica fans will be able to lap up new videos for the other ten songs (including Lords Of Summer from the deluxe edition of Hardwired To Self-Destruct). The band will be unveiling the videos in conjunction with a variety of media partners and publications, the full list of which can be seen here:

Wednesday, November 16

12p EST / 5pm UK – “Dream No More” (Directed by Tom Kirk) – Gshow Globo, Brazil
2p EST / 7pm UK – “Confusion” (Directed by Claire Marie Vogel) – Rolling Stone, USA
4p EST / 9pm UK – “ManUNkind” (Directed by Jonas Åkerlund) – Bravewords, Canada
6p EST / 11pm UK – “Now That We’re Dead” (Directed by Herring & Herring) – Pitchfork, USA
8p EST / 1am UK – “Here Comes Revenge” (Directed by Jessica Cope) – Triple M, Australia
10p EST / 3am UK – “Am I Savage” (Directed by Herring & Herring) – Ro69.JP (Rockin’ On), Japan

Thursday, November 17

12a EST / 5am UK – “Halo On Fire” (Directed by Herring & Herring) – BiLD / Metal Hammer, Germany
2a EST / 7am UK – “Murder One” (Directed by Robert Valley) – Le Parisian, France
4a EST / 9am UK – “Spit Out The Bone” (Directed by Phil Mucci) – NME, England
6a EST / 11am UK – “Lords of Summer” (Directed by Brett Murray) – Aftonbladet, Sweden

The videos will also be avaialble on as they become available. NME will be representing the UK by showcasing the video for Hardwired’s closing track “Spit Out The Bone”.

Hardwired To Self-Destruct will be available this Friday (18th November) through the band’s own record label Blackened Recordings. You can read Rock Sins’ review of Hardwired To Self-Destruct on this link.

They will celebrate with a very special intimate show in London at the House of Vans where tickets were only available through the Metallica fan club or through a House of Vans competition. The show will be streamed live on House Of Vans website at 9pm Friday UK time for those who weren’t lucky enough to win tickets.

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