Chisel Beeches – Last In, First Out

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    At this time of year, with Christmas looming vast on the horizon, often musical releases are focused on the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find some unexpected gems once the tree is out and everywhere is covered in tinsel. UK alt-rockers Chisel Beeches have served up such a release with their new EP, called Last In, First Out.

    Last In, First Out is four tracks of sharply crafted British alt rock with a pop punk sensibility. Opening track Friday Night’s A Lie (about “going to a club on a Friday and it being really shit” if you watch the band’s hilarious track-by-track video about the EP) is a great introduction to the band. Combining some effective riffs and some very appealing vocals from Steve McDonagh and Matt Alford, it’s a song designed to get an audience moving and it should do so effortlessly.

    Never Know changes things up a bit, with a sound that veers between an almost Thrice like quality and some funk sections that wouldn’t be out of place on a mid era Chili Peppers album (sounds like an odd combination but it works very well). V.I.P is probably the weakest of the four tracks, with the riffs and vocals not meshing as well on the other tracks. Not to worry though as the closing You Know I’m Right delivers a sharp sermon on disengrating relationships, with a punchy bassline and a huge chorus to end the EP in the right way.

    Overall, Last In, First Out has allowed Chisel Beeches to make a great impression and should impress the vast majority of people who hear the EP. It will be very interesting to see if they can keep up this level of quality over a full length album, perhaps next year.

    Last In, First Out is released this Friday (16th December 2016). Pick up the new EP, along with any other merch you might be interested in, from the Chisel Beeches bandcamp page at

    Chisel Beeches would be a good listen for fans of bands of the like of You Me At Six, Jimmy Eat World, All Time Low and Thrice.

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