Chisel Beeches Unveil Hilarious Track-By-Track Video Ahead Of Last In, First Out EP Release On Friday

Chisel Beeches 2015 Band Promo Photo

Bands doing track-by-track run throughs of their new or upcoming releases isn’t a new thing, and often, to be honest, aren’t always that exciting, entertaining, or even informative. Step forward Matt Alford, bassist from UK alternative rockers Chisel Beeches. Armed with nothing more than a Beverage and his dressing gown, Matt gives a lesson in how to describe a new release in a way that is both informative and funny as he talks us all through the release of their new EP, “Last In, First Out”. If you manage to keep a straight face whilst watching the whole thing (particularly when he describes the first track on the EP “Friday Night’s A Lie”), then we think you must be quite the solemn person.

Chisel Beeches’ Last In, First Out is released on Friday (16th December). The tracklisting for the EP for those who didn’t pick it up from the video is as follows:

1. Friday Night’s A Lie
2. Never Know
3. V.I.P.
4. You Know I’m Right

Anyone who wants to hear the EP, it is currently streaming in full over at Kerrang ahead of it’s Friday release, so mosey on over to and check it out!

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