Dead Frequency – Tough Tracks and Setbacks

    Playful melodic punks Dead Frequency come bearing the gift of the fun factor with some ‘Tough Tracks and Setbacks’.

    Northamptonshire’s hardly the sacred hub of anarchy in the UK, but Dead Frequency’s long awaited EP is a breath of fresh antisocial air. Armed with four lethally catchy odes to life and shitty friends, there’s only one anti-punk aspect to these charming three lads – their keen eye for detail could someday rival another well-known punk trio in producing a refined and accessible atmosphere.

    In true ‘Nimrod’-esque fashion, opener ‘Nobody’s Listening’ forges the soundtrack to halfpipe dreams with a powerful electric presence from frontman Matti Fantasi. Although neatly polished, there’s still an intense youthful vibe that keeps its subject matter from maturity. Similarly charged with enough “whoa-oh”s to fuel a deadbeat town for a month, the scorching ‘The Devil’s Dream’ shoots its victim down with a stunning accuracy. Hell hath no fury like a punk kid scorned.

    The slick ‘Time for Saying Sorry’ showcases commanding drums and a diligent bassline that seem to craft a catchy melody as easily as slapping bread on butter. In a gene pool swarming with dry pop punk, this rock-laced rebellion is a welcome break from monotony. Vibrant and delivered with conviction, optimistic closer ‘Everything Will Be Alright’ is brought to life by their charismatic glam influences – they make slotting a melodic twinkle in every bar sound easy.

    While displaying a meticulous, calculated approach to glam punk, Dead Frequency show a bright-eyed promise and a future chock full of sing-alongs.

    ‘Tough Tracks and Setbacks’ is out now.

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