Hacktivist – Live Photo Gallery from London Underworld, 10/12/2016

The Camden Underworld on a Saturday night is always a special place to be, especially when Hacktivist are in town!

To kick off the night are Bad Sign (7) who are brining a lot of attention to them after just dropping a video for there new single Intermission (which is amazing and you should all check it out). Bad Sign are the perfect example of a three-piece band who completely destroy a venue, even with a close set time to the opening of the show.

The next band up are no stranger to London and pleasantly received a massive response as they come onto the stage, Zoax (9). Zoax contain members that were born for the stage and are clearly making up to their God given gift as the mosh pit opens after about 2 seconds of them starting. Frontman Adam is probably one of the best people on earth and maybe should be considering a new job in PM than a band…lol. Him and Joel from Being As An Ocean share a lot of similarities (not just in facial hair), they both like to make the whole venue the stage, which I feel is completely appropriate, especially at The Underworld. I am new to Zoax with only seeing them once before, however both times I have been shocked by the high standard of professionalism that emits from the band. Class.

Last but not least are Hacktivist (9) who completely and utterly destroy the venue. Hacktivist were built for venues like the Underworld, small, grimy and sweaty. The set is heavy on the new album but they still like to spin old tracks such as self-titled song Hacktivist and their very popular cover of “Niggas in Pars”. They also got to show off their new EP song “Over Throne” which in my opinion is the perfect example of Hacktivist. I have been a fan of the band for years and saw them back in 2012 and since then they have progressed into one of the best UK-Tech bands out there…how can you not be with Tim on guitar!

Leaving the gig, I was happy to know that a band like Hacktivist can create tour where all three of the bands are completely different to each other, I think this is something our music scene lacks and should happen more often. Maybe the next tour Hacktivist do they can take out Steve Aoki? No…okay, we can just stick with Zoax and Bad Sign for now.

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