Pierce The Veil, Letlive and Creeper Live At o2 Academy, Brixton, 27th November 2016

Pierce The Veil live on stage at o2 Academy Brixton on 27th November 2016

Listening to the muttered words in the queue winding around the o2 Academy Brixton, small complaints could be heard about how those patiently waiting had never seen so many people waiting to attend a show. With the release of their latest album, Misadventures, Pierce The Veil were touring the UK, bringing their supports, Letlive and Creeper with them.

A late start is usually enough to see patience wearing thin, but tonight it feels like a later start is required, with plenty of people still queuing around the block when Creeper [8] take to the stage. Despite that however, the UK band’s fanbase was out in force, eagerly racing into the venue. Creeper are a band that are always grateful, and the messages of heartfelt thanks strike a note with their fans. Latest single, Suzanne, whips the crowd into a frenzy, allowing the band to show off their entertaining skills. In the same way, final song Misery leads to an emotional sing-song accompanied by the flashing lights of mobile phones, and any other sources of light that those in attendance can put their hands on.

Creeper sure-footedly put on a bigger and better performance every time they step out on a stage, and tonight is no exception, as the young band prove why they are fast becoming so popular.

Letlive [9] are next, and Jason Aalon Butler launches himself on to the stage with unabashed glee. Bouncing around the stage, the band are a bundle of instant energy, a mix of songs old and new resonating with those in the crowd that have experienced the band previously. Letlive are perhaps the odd one out of the line up tonight, traditionally attracting a different kind of audience, but as Jason launches a length of carpet into the crowd, closely followed by the man himself, the crowd clearly warms to his particular brand of live show. As the set continues, so does the crowd participation, slowly building as Jason throws himself around the venue, clearly making an impact on those in attendance.

Seeing Letlive in such a large venue always feels like a risk, their own brand of chaotic live show feeling particularly suited to smaller venues where they can truly get involved with the crowd, but tonight it’s a risk that pays off, as Letlive prove that they can own the biggest of stages, as well as the smallest. Regardless that tonight was not their usual audience, murmurs of appreciation from the crowd after their set had drawn to a close show that once again, Letlive appeal to all.

Excitement rises to a fever pitch as the crowd waits for headliners Pierce theVeil [9]. Masters of building atmosphere, as the house lights dim, the band project a short film on to a curtain in front of the stage, the screams of a now packed Brixton calling out for their appearance. As the curtain falls, and the band step out from the spaceships built into their set dressing, the screams clearly show that the awaiting crowd are finally faced with exactly who they came to see.

The band waste no time in diving into songs from their recently released fourth album, with frontman Vic Fuentes expertly creating a connection with his fanbase. Once a band has been around for 10 years, their expertise becomes clear to see, with easy interaction between both fans and the band members themselves instantly clear to see. Some bands feel disconnected, with the various members never really bouncing off each other, but as bassist Jamie Preciadio falls to the stage after being “shot” by Vic, it is easy to see that Pierce The Veil are not a band that suffer with such issues.

The whole experience serves to craft a live show that is both confident and well practised, leaving those in attendance with the feeling that they have witnessed something truly special. Entertaining a sold out Brixton o2 is no mean feat, but its one that Pierce The Veil achieve with aplomb.

Pierce The Veil’s latest album, Misadventures, is out now, and you can keep up with the band on their social media sites:-

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