Seaway – Live Photo Gallery from Rock City Basement, 31st January 2017

Rock City Basement is a venue created for shows like tonight. Three great pop-punk bands currently killing it in the scene at the moment.

Starting off tonight is The Gospel Youth (8) who have recently signed to Rise Records, congratulations! The band are a pop-punk band but give off a rock vide, from bands such as Young Guns and Mallory Knox. The band constantly say how they sing about sad songs, but which pop-punk band does not! Songs such as Lighting Fires and Guidelines are both big tunes and go down very well with the crowd.

Next up is WSTR (6) who of which I am a massive fan of however tonight they sound very very weak. Frontman Sammy does mention how his voice is messed up but that really effects the songs and the bands momentum. The songs do go down well and over half the crowd seem to know most of the songs, even ones off the recently released debut album Red, Green or Inbetween. I am a massive fan of Lonely Smiles and Fair Weather which they end up playing. The set is great for song choice but performance lacks from the vocals, I guess that’s what touring can do too you!

Last but not least is Seaway (9), they absolutely killed it tonight. The performance was so tight and the songs flowed so easily. This was my first time seeing Seaway and they really gave a great first impression. I only know one song Best Mistake but that song was amazing live. With a pretty much sold out crowd the venue is spinning constantly and the crowd is rowdy, perfect pop punk show.

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