Spotlight: Kitsune Art on their new album, record labels and the Spanish metal scene

Kitsune Art's 2016 lineup

Kitsune Art have been making waves in their native Spain through 2016 with their debut album Signals of Synchronism, and despite still searching for a record label, they can consider the feedback for the album a resounding success. This week’s global underground spotlight focuses on the band as we spoke to them about what Kitsune Art are and what they hope to achieve in the coming year.

For those who are new to Kistune Art, how would you describe yourselves and what the band is all about? 

If we have to describe Kitsune Art, we are 5 friends fighting for our dreams to come true. For us, this is a big alternative metal project and we are expecting so many good things. 

Your debut album, Signals of Synchronism, shows a diverse range of styles from heavy to melodic. What were your primary influences on this album?

Good question hahaha, we are very different from each other when it comes to our personal influences. In general, we can say that 90s metal and modern metalcore sounds are present in this album. You will probably hear influences from nu metal (like Korn, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit etc.), alternative metal (for example, Deftones or Rage Against the Machine), 90s groove metal like Machine Head and Pantera, and metalcore such as Killswitch Engage.

As your name suggests, Japan has had some influence on Kitsune Art, with the musical aspect most clear on “Keep the Flame Inside”. What drew you to Japanese culture?

As you say, oriental sounds are very clear in “Keep the Flame Inside” & also in “Lost Soul”. On one hand we mainly found some opportunities to combine music & artwork, on the other hand we always have loved oriental culture and their philosophy like Buddhism or Tao Te Ching,  you can find so many things of this in our lyrics. 

From the outside looking in, not many Spanish metal acts have managed to break out into the global scene. How would you describe the heavy metal scene in Spain at the moment? Are there any acts you can recommend?

It is difficult to answer this question, because in Spain as such, we don’t have a scene that really represents all metal bands. It’s very difficult to get people’s attention if you do not sing in Spanish and you don’t have a more classic heavy metal style. But a job well done and good promotion are always effective to capture the public’s attention.

In terms of Spanish groups, we can see the clear example of Angelus Apatrida who are literally doing tours around the world. They would be one of the examples to follow for us without any doubt.

Thanks to the ease in which bands can upload their music online nowadays and increase their following alone, many feel that record labels are becoming less necessary for upcoming acts. Do you still feel that record labels are important for bands to reach the next level?

Everything depends on how the label treats its bands. You can find independent record labels mainly directed by musicians who seek to promote emerging bands in a way that benefits the artist, but on the other hand you have the big record labels that only see this as a business and act like the executors of the band in question, often ruining or robbing the rights of songs and an endless number of very unfavorable ways.

We definitely believe that it is not necessary at this moment to get signed, but it can provide interesting support if we talk about honest people who love the music and the bands with which it works.

Lastly, 2017 is now upon us and you have a string of shows across Spain already announced. What does the rest of the year hold for Kitsune Art and where do you hope the band will be in a year’s time?

Right now Kitsune Art is going to continue with the Signals of Synchronism tour in Spain, but above all we are working and putting all our efforts in making ourselves known outside Spain. And if you allow us, we want to thank all our friends / family and fans, our press girl Ana Laballo and, of course, to Rocksins for providing such much needed support for emerging bands. Thanks a lot!!


Kitsune Art’s new album Signals of Synchronism is available now from their personal webstore, and streaming via Spotify. Read our review of the album here and follow them on Facebook.


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