The King Blues – Live Photo Gallery from Rescue Rooms, 30th January 2017


Sold out show at the Rescue rooms tonight is sold out and there is a good reason why, The King Blues are back in full force!

Kicking off tonight is Louise Distras (9) and her four-piece girl band. They absolutely show how to warm a crowd up with the most energy I have seen from a front-girl in ages! There set lasts around 40 minutes and the crowd seemed to really enjoy the band. Louise Distras is clearly a protest singer and has all the good reasons to be doing so. One speech was about girl rights and made sure that all the girls stood on the barrier to enjoy the song! It isn’t all about the men most pits at shows anymore…thank G-d.

Next is The King Blues (9) starting the show with Itch’s solo rap of What if Punk Never Happened. This is my first time seeing the band however I have seen Itch solo which was still good, nevertheless it is nice to finally see such an important UK artist. The band are playing in front of one of the most diverse crowds I have ever seen at a live show. You have punk fans, metal fans, rap fans and everything in-between.

Songs such as I Got Love get the crowd really going and show why this band can come back and sell out a tour with ease.

Very exciting show to shoot, very glad that this tour stopped off in Nottingham!



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