Trivium, Sikth and Shapes At The Roundhouse, London, 17th February 2017

Trivium on stage at Roundhouse London 17th February 2017

Following on from last year, when Trivium announced that they would be doing a run of small town shows, the band set out on a tour of the more usual of cities in order to finish up the run for their album, Silence in the Snow.

Team Rock Sins was well represented at the Roundhouse in London, and we sent Rachael Griffiths along to photograph the show, whilst narrowly avoiding fellow team members’ (James Halstead) attempts to crowd surf directly into her line of sight.

Support on the night comes from Sikth and Shapes.

You can also check out Jamie’s review of the evening at the following link:

More news on Trivium as and when we have it, but until then keep up with the band on their social media sites:

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