Video Of The Week (23rd February 2017) – Architects, Gojira, While She Sleeps w/ Oli Sykes and more

Rock Sins Video Of The Week

Somehow, it’s been almost a month since Cambridgeshire outfit Standing Like Statues won our last video of the week (we’re still trying to work out where that time went). But fear not, we’ve got six new videos for our readers, and this could be the hardest video of the week contest to predict the winner for, maybe ever!

Will Architects take home this weeks’ vote? The video for Gravity was shot at the monumentally emotional Brixton Academy show back in November 2016, offering a small glimpse into a night many in attendance say was the greatest gig they’ve ever been to.

They’ve got heavyweight competition in the form of Gojira, who have released a very cool Infra-red video for The Cell off most recent album Magma. Due in the UK in just a couple of weeks time with Code Orange, they will be flattening venues left, right and centre.

Excitement for While She Sleeps new album You Are We has almost hit boiling point, and then they dropped Silence Speaks, featuring none other than Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. It’s a little bit special, but you’ll be able to see for yourselves.

Ayreon are known for their guests, but The Day The World Breaks Down is a veritable who’s who in the world of prog and symphonic metal. Play spot the guest stars during the songs full thirteen minutes – and make sure you stick it out for the full thing, it’s well worth it.

British alt-rockers Death & The Penguin also get in on the act this week, with plenty of props including balloons and sparklers in their video for No Blood, No Sport. They’re newcomers to us here at Rock Sins but well worth a look, and maybe they will be your winners this week!

Last but not least, Stoke hard rockers Alter Eden have recently celebrated the release of their Tigers & Lambs EP, and did so with the release of new video We’ve Had Enough. A cracking track to finish this weeks’ contest with, will you choose to vote Alter Eden into the winners chair?

The vote will close at 12pm midday on the 2nd of March UK Time. Six bands, only one winner. Get voting!!

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Architects – Gravity

Gojira – The Cell

While She Sleeps – Silence Speaks ft. Oli Sykes

Ayreon – The Day The World Breaks Down ft. James Labrie, Simone Simons & many more

Death & The Penguin – No Blood, No Sport

Alter Eden – We’ve Had Enough

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