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    Emmure Look At Yourself Album Cover

    Where do we even begin with Emmure? No doubt if you have had your finger on the pulse, then you will have likely heard all the stories a million times over. But what you probably don’t know is the story of the rebirth. This album will tell that story.

    Look At Yourself is the album that Emmure always threatened to make, but never quite got there. There is absolutely no fat on this album. It clocks in at just under 40 minutes and wastes none of it in getting its point across. This is Emmure like you have never heard them before. The rap is kept to a minimum, in fact, it’s only used briefly on the album’s second track ‘Shinjuku Masterlord’ the Marvel. Hip hop and Videogame themes and references are all stripped back as well. Make no mistake about it, this a heavy record, probably the heaviest in the band’s career.

    I have to first give props to Frankie PalmeriĀ for having the courage to come back with an album like this. He has always been, for good or bad, the most divisive part of the band. But here he seems like a man laid bare, admitting to past mistakes, owning them and putting them out there for the world to see. This album is his redemption through music. There are moments where he treads familiar tropes, but they are toned down and don’t overshadow things like on past releases.

    The album’s lead single ‘Flag of the Beast’ is indicative of the past and present meeting on this album. It has that groove of an Emmure track, but with a renewed intensity that bleeds through the rest of the album. The new members of the band bring their own unique flavour to the album, which makes this feel like an entirely different beast. There are elements of djent, deathcore and even some dark and creepy atmospherics thrown in for good measure.

    There seems to be a tightening up of the ranks here, making for a significantly improved band on every front. Its the improved lineup that also allows for the experimentation and spreading of the wings musically. Its like putting a new coat of paint on, its changes things enough that it different but it still somehow feels familiar

    This is the most fully realised. coherent and satisfying album that Emmure has ever put out. I’ve always been a fan of Emmure from Felony until now, but there is something special at play here. This feels like a vision finally come to life. This is a stunning rebirth for a band that many wrote off for any number of reasons. If you are one of the people that wrote Emmure off, then now is the time to get yourself back into their world. Give this album a go and it will rip your face off.

    Emmure’s Look At Yourself is released today (3rd March 2017) through Sharptone Records / Nuclear Blast Records.

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