The Dollyrots Release New Album Whiplash Splash Early To Pledge Backers

The Dollyrots Duo Live Photo Microphone

Californian bubblegum punk duo The Dollyrots have been very good at the whole Crowdfunding and involving their fans in the creation of their music for quite some time. Their latest album, Whiplash Splash, has been no different, with the band sharing the process with their PledgeMusic backers every step of the way.

Those who back a band on PledgeMusic are usually rewarded by getting the music before everyone else, usually a few days before the main public release date. But this time The Dollyrots have taken it to the next level – anyone who has supported the launch of Whiplash Splash via PledgeMusic has been given access to the album a full month in advance! So, if you’d like to get your hands on Whiplash Splash before March 24th, we would suggest you visit the band’s PledgeMusic page now.

Those who would like to hear The Dollyrots play some of their new material also have an opportunity to witness a very special show. They will be streaming a live show via the StageIt platform on Sunday March 5th at 9pm UK time (4pm US Eastern and 1pm US Pacific) – which will be the first time that several songs from the new album will have been played live, anywhere, ever. Tickets for the StageIt show will be available here.

Stay tuned for more from The Dollyrots here at Rock Sins including a huge interview in the weeks to come.

The Dollyrots Whiplash Splash Album Cover

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