The Wonder Years w/ PUP, Trash Boat & Tiny Moving Parts Live Review @ Leeds, Stylus

The Wonder Years Band Promo Photo

The end of January saw a somewhat eclectic line up of Pennsylvania Pop-Punk band The Wonder Years, Pup, Trash Boat and Tiny Moving Parts in Stylus, Leeds.

First to take to the stage are Tiny Moving Parts (8). Opening with Sundress, the band deliver an exciting set that sees frontman Dylan Matheisen leap around the stage with a huge smile on his face. Tiny Moving Parts have the crowd engrossed immediately with their math-pop-punk infused brand of emo, it’s interesting to hear sad songs sound as happy as these songs do. They power through their set with songs from their latest release “Celebrate”, such as Headache, Happy Birthday and Common Cold before closing with Dakota off their debut album. It’s great to see a band look like they’re enjoying themselves so much when they play and are able to deliver such an energetic set when opening the show. This is a band to keep your eye on!

Next on stage are St Albans quintet Trash Boat (7) who open with How Selfish I Seem. The band’s hardcore influences shine through in their performance, even just from the way vocalist Tobi Duncan moves around the stage like he owns it, and it’s also clear to see that the band are definitely more on the ‘punk’ end of the ‘pop-punk’ spectrum. Trash Boat deliver a tight and energetic set with songs like Catharsis and Tring Quarry before slowing things down with Brave Face which sees a sing-a-long from the audience as well. The band wrap things up with Strangers which also has a nice surprise for the fans as The Wonder Years’ Soupy comes out for a spot of guest vocals, giving the audience a taste of what’s to come later.

The last support act of the night to take to the stage before The Wonder Years were Canada’s PUP (10) who are making quite a name for themselves at the moment and after tonight’s performance it’s easy to see why. It’s clear from the audience reaction that there are a fair few people here for Pup tonight, which is only echoed by how loudly they are singing along at points. They open their set with Guilt Trip from their debut self-titled album before going straight into an equally energetic performance of Reservoir. Pup’s frequent use of gang vocals are great in a live environment and are in full effect with the crowd when playing songs like My Life Is Over And I Couldn’t Be Happier and Doubts. As the hectic set draws to a close the band play If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will before diving straight into DVP, leaving the crowd on a high before the main attraction of the night.

The headline act for tonight make their way on stage and The Wonder Years (9) kick their set off lightly with the title track of their latest album ‘No Closer To Heaven’ with a thunderous reception from the crowd, already singing along at the top of their lungs. Things are kicked up a notch with fan favourite, Local Man Ruins Everything. The band play a very No Closer To Heaven heavy set tonight, which is understandable given how much their sound has matured and how well received the album has been. Dan ‘Soupy’ Campbell is a fantastic frontman and it’s easy to see how much emotion and passion into his performance and can really be heard in his voice in songs like Cigarettes & Saints. As they play through songs such as Cardinals and Dismantling Summer, Soupy can be seen on stage with his arms open as he conducts his choir of the 1000 people in attendance tonight, singing every line back at him. Throughout their set, The Wonder Years demonstrate their diversity with their ability to go from upbeat and fast songs to acoustic songs like Madelyn with ease. The main set is closed with a fantastic performance of Passing Through a Screen Door before coming back on stage for one last burst of energy with Came Out Swinging.



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