ArcTanGent 2017 Announce Russian Circles, Heck, Vola and Loads More Bands In New Announcement

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ArcTanGent was already shaping up to be a truly wonderous looking festival this year. The 2017 installment of the post-rock, shoegaze and hardcore festival based near Bristol was already boasting the likes of headliners Converge and Explosions In The Sky, TesseracT, Bossk, SikTh, God Is An Astronaut and more. Now they’ve gone and added another 24 bands to the line up and there’s some more crackers in there.

Top of the pile in this announcement are the awesome US post metal outfit Russian Circles. Having previously played ArcTanGent back in 2014, they’re back for a second time, having enjoyed it so much the first time, as explained by Brian Cook from the band:

“Playing ArcTanGent back in 2014 was such a positive surprise. I tend to be a bit cynical of festivals because so many of them seem to pick from the same pool of artists. It’s always a couple of big-name industry- standard headliners buoyed by all the recent critics darlings who haven’t been road-tested. There’s nothing exciting about it; it’s all geared towards high-visibility stuff that makes the sponsors happy. The attendees at festivals like Coachella don’t really care who’;s playing– they just want to go and hang out at a festival. Why is ArcTanGent awesome? Because it’s a festival coordinated and curated by people who are more interested in doing something artistically awesome than in doing something high-profile to attract beer companies to throw money at them. And the people that show up are genuine fans. It’s such a positive environment. We’re very excited to be back.”

Alongside Russian Circles are UK noise masters and mosh pit / venue destroyers Heck, quirky but very interesting post-rockers Thought Forms, Danish instrumentalists and frequent Rock Sins video of the week participants Vola, Landscapes and many more. The full list of new bands for ArcTanGent 2017 can be found below:

Russian Circles,
Nordic Giants,
Thought Forms,
USA Nails,
Big Jesus,
Alpha Male Tea Party,
Town Portal,
Bearded Youth Quest,
Waking Aida,
The St. Pierre Snake Invasion,
Poisonous Birds,
Hoggs Bison,
Chiyoda Ku

Tickets and all the information you could require can be found at the festival’s official website

Stay tuned for more updates on what could be the most interesting small to mid size festival of the year, ArcTanGent 2017!

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