Hundredth, Landscapes, Silent Planet and Healer Live @ Camden Underworld, 26th March


Hundredth kicked off a short UK run with a show at the Camden Underworld. With a new album in the works this was going to wrap up their touring cycle for third album Free.

Healer (6.5) open the evening with a fairly by the numbers melodic hardcore set. But it’s the conviction with which they play the songs that really helps elevate their performance. For a very young band Healer definitely have a solid foundation set up already. Their live show is high on energy and vocalist George Myttion’s passion and emotion makes him an engaging frontman. Once the band get a few more solid songs under their belt they could really start to gain momentum here in the UK.

Silent Planet (7) almost feel like an odd fit for this line up given how much they draw from the tech-metal scene. Sitting somewhere between Northlane and La Dispute, Silent Planet have a fairly unique sound and based on the reaction from the crowd they are definitely grabbing peoples attention. Vocalist Garrett Russell is a very unique and engaging presence on stage and the songs change things up so frequently that it really keeps the audience on their toes. They might be a relatively new presence over here in the UK but there’s a good chance Silent Planet could start to build a solid fanbase over here.

Landscapes (8.5) have been one of the most underrated bands in the UK for a few years now. Life Gone Wrong was a fantastic debut and its follow up Modern Earth continued this quality. Yet the band have just never quite caught on. Perhaps this could be due to just how bleak the band are. Every song feels like a journey through several dark emotional states and vocalist Shaun Milton really drills home this darkness with his performance. There isn’t a single break from the relentless misery during Landscapes set, it almost ends up being emotionally draining to watch. It certainly isn’t for everyone but Landscapes continue to deliver one of the more unique takes on melodic hardcore.

The Underworld is far from full and Hundredth (8) might be missing a bassist but that doesn’t stop them from ripping through an hour of great melodic hardcore. The crowd might be small but everyone crams right down the front and fans still take every opportunity to grab the mic from Chadwick Johnson. The band don’t seem bothered by the small turnout tonight as the energy never dips throughout their entire set. It’s the older songs from Let Go that get the best reaction tonight, with Weathered Town in particular getting the biggest sing along. But that doesn’t mean the crowd don’t respond to the newer material. The band even drop a snippet of their cover of Hurt which is a nice addition. This might not go down as the best show on this tour for Hundredth but they still make sure every fan there doesn’t go home disappointed.


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