Blood Youth, Loathe, Holding Absence – Live Photo Gallery from Boston Music Rooms, 10/04/2017


Tonight at the London Boston Music rooms was a show I have been waiting to happen for months. Three of the hottest upcoming bands in the UK at the moment, topped off by Blood Youth were all stacked onto one bill. The stage was set for what could be a brilliant evening.

First up are the incredibly talented Holding Absence (10) which for me was my first time seeing them live, I was not let down at all. I don’t usually give 10’s to bands however this performance was more solid than concrete. There actually was nothing wrong with the set other than it being too short. Dream of Me is my favourite song off their single split which went down very well. Catch them live at Download Festival 2017 later this year as well!

Next are a band who are no strangers to me and that is the fat riff G-ds in Loathe (9). They have been amazing every time I have seen them but tonight showed how much they have come since Tech-Fest last year. The new songs went down very well as well as the the classic songs off of Prepare Consume Proceed. Lucas Woodland from Holding Absence came out for In Death which was a really treat and a great ending to the set.

Last but not least were Blood Youth(9) who performed amazingly. Their debut album Beyond Prepare recently dropped with the new songs sounding extremely good live. Dead Space for me is the best song live as the crowd go absolutely nuts when it kicks in. I had to unfortunately leave early from the set but from the 4 songs I saw it was clear Blood Youth are going to be off to bigger and better things. Catch them live at Download Festival 2017 later this year as well!


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