Introducing Plastic: Hair, gurning and big rock star moves

Plastic Band Promo Photo 2017

Time to introduce our readers to a brand new band. This time around, Cheshire alt / grunge outfit Plastic are stepping up to the mark to tell us about their upcoming new music, McDonalds Ice Cream, and how one of their band sometimes resembles a certain Simpsons’ character who likes a beer (and isn’t Homer)….

Welcome! Please introduce yourselves to our readers:

Hey we’re Plastic!

Please tell us a little bit about the history of the band:

We started in December 2015 just before Christmas, recorded a demo and just started playing shows as a three piece, just as we were preparing our first EP ‘Drop’, our guitarist Elliot joined the band and we kind of treat that as the real start of the band as with two guitars there’s a lot more scope for innovation and invention. Since that EP we went to put out another single ‘Drowned In You’ and a split EP ‘The Light, The Dark & The Overwhelming Nothing’ with our friends in Brine, which we recently did a tour supporting. You can check out all our previous releases on Bandcamp Now we are about to start the process of backing our debut album which will be released later this year.

Which one of you is “the funny one” in the band?

Well… everyone is in different ways, when we’re in the van it’s like a school bus. Elliot, we are all sure has ADHD, our drummer Matt probably wins though, he is great with visuals, can make a ‘costume’ out of anything…

If you had to describe Plastic’s sound, how would you do so?

A catchy mess, reminds you of a sloppy breakfast.

Do you have a particular way of song writing and writing music, or does it vary?

Well usually it starts with Matty our singer he’s really good at making skeletons of songs. He used to control the entire thing but now Matty and Elliot have become a bit more of a song writing duo. Elliot has a really good way of changing things up and making them interesting where as Matty is just really fast at coming up with a basic structure of things. Usually we just take it all to practice and Matt and Dom just learn the song, but they aren’t shy about opinions, there are songs on the record that have definitely been more of a band effort

Word has it you’ll be releasing a new single shortly, with a new album to follow sometime this year, how much can you tell us at this point?

Well we are releasing a single in the next couple of weeks, it’s the opening track from our first and ‘poppiest’ track on the album. I think because it opens our album so well it made sense to release it first, the album in its self is really broad sounding. The first single is a light hearted, messy stupid track, it’s the first one that Elliot pretty much fully wrote all of the guitars to, we think it’s great, we can’t wait for people to hear it. There’s also a really fun and retro video being released as well, once you’ve seen that you will really understand just who Plastic are!

You’re also hitting the road for a series of shows next week, what can those who’ve not seen or heard you in the flesh before expect?

Hair, gurning and big rock star moves.

If you had to choose one song of yours to show to potential new fans of the band, which one would it be and why?

The one we are about to put out on Monday, it has everything, stupid lyrics, a catchy chorus and a fucking heavy ending that sounds like Rage Against The Machine haha!

Who would be your dream band to go on tour with?

Green Day, everyone other than Matty grew up listening to them records, Matty was a weirdo that sat in his bedroom listening to Burzum and got into the rock stuff when he was in college and now he’s obsessed by some Green Day records. Ever since the band began though Matty had an obsession with a band called Failure, that we never really sounded like but there are one or two songs on this record that do, but anyway that obsession has become a band obsession, spooky good song writing, so meeting them and learning from them would be amazing also!

What is the best flavour of ice cream?

A McDonalds Whippy is the only one, soft scoop is also cool, but yeah, we’ve had some pretty in depth talks about chocolate bars, so I guess if we are talking soft scoop, chocolate.

Lastly, Who is your favourite Simpsons character? If you don’t like The Simpsons you can suggest another cartoon character.

Barny, he’s like Matty when he’s had a drink…

If you’ve not heard Plastic before, check out a track from their last release called “Unhappy Meal”:

We look forward to hearing more from Plastic as more music emerges later in the year. Their new single will be released on Monday (22nd) of May. In the meantime, give them a like on Facebook.

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