Malevolence @ The Dome, London, June 1st 2017

Malevolence Band Photo 2017

With their second album Self Supremacy finally released. Malevolence set off on a headline tour of the UK so remind everyone exactly why they were one of the most talked about hardcore bands when they first emerged. As the tour made it’s way to London, Rock Sins caught the action.

No Zodiac (6) fill the main support slot tonight and set about pummelling the audience round the head with savagely heavy riffs. It clearly appeals to plenty in the audience as the hardcore dancers are out in force for every song. The band look incredibly intimidating on stage, there’s no tough guy act here as they are clearly the real deal. Unfortunately the set starts to run out of momentum a few songs in and things start to get repetitive. It’s an enjoyable enough warm up for Malevolence but not a particularly memorable one.

Whilst they are playing catch up after taking so long to get their second album out. Malevolence (9) are on fire tonight. Opener Slave To Satisfaction sounds heavy enough to knock the whole building down. The reaction to the song shows that whilst the album was a long time coming, fans have taken to it immediately. The huge pit that opens up isn’t enough to satisfy vocalist Alex Taylor as he demands the crowd do better. From here on out, Malevolence deliver one of the most violently heavy sets you’ll see. Fan favourites off the debut are mixed in with newer material and the enthusiasm that greets each song never dips.

Malevolence just blend huge metal grooves with the attitude of hardcore so effectively. For every guitar hero moment there a beatdown that would make you want to drop kick the nearest person. It’s a shame the venue isn’t anywhere near sold out as Malevolence clearly have the quality to be huge in both the metal and hardcore scenes. Perhaps now that the album is out they’ll really be able to establish themselves because right now they are just too good to not be pulling larger crowds. Once Serpents Chokehold and Reign Of Suffering wrap things up it’s clear that Malevolence are even better live than they were one the first album cycle. Now hopefully they will be able to put some momentum together and really establish themselves as one of the best heavy bands around.

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