Interview with The Lounge Kittens @ Download Festival 2017: “When Queen go ‘yeah girls that was really good’ then you know it’s a good day at work”

The Lounge Kittens HM Truants Download 2017

It’s no secret that we love The Lounge Kittens here at Rock Sins. The Rainbow-haired songstresses have made their way into our ears and hearts and have set up a permanent residency. So naturally we sent our boys Simon & Jamie to go have a chat with Zan, Timia and Jen at Download Festival to talk about raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust with the Heavy Metal Truants, Covering Queen, Playing Download, and also inside a Rocket all in the same weekend, as well as getting some exciting touring updates and most importantly seeing if we can keep them all on topic!

Firstly, you ladies all took part in the Heavy Metal Truants bike ride this weekend and you are all still standing, I’m not quite sure how (laughs) so congratulations and how are all you all feeling?

Zan: Triumphant! we didn’t quite make it into the high heels onstage, but it’s more fun playing in boots anyway.We feel amazing, we raised loads of money for charity. We did it, we got all the way here.

Jen:…And we burnt like a million calories (laughs)

Did we hear right, that after you played yesterday you jumped in a van and played somewhere else?

Zan: Not just somewhere else. We went to play a Gin Festival in the National Space Centre, we played in the base of the rocket, it wasn’t just any gig. At the end of our first set loads of smoke & noise came out of the bottom of the rocket like we were lifting off. It was amazing, it was really good.

So best feeling of the weekend. completing the bike ride, playing at Download or playing in a rocket?

Zan: Playing at Download. I don’t know though, both finishing the ride and playing the tent were both ‘I think I’ve got something in my eye’ moments.

Timia: It got a little bit emotional in the tent but don’t tell anyone…

Jen: I cried on my way in. I was like ‘I can see the finish line’ (mimics crying)

Zan: It got emotional because so many people got behind us with the bike ride, we raised £6,000, just us for Nordorff Robbins and Teenage Cancer Trust. The Truants are a group of Guys and Girls who we’ve been working alongside for a couple of years. The comradery has been amazing and to go through that with 50 other people and to finally to get to the end of it, is incredible. I mean, it’s not just the ride, we’ve been working on this, in training since January, we’ve been fundraising for months as well, it’s not just this one thing at the beginning of June that we had to do.

Timia: Even when we were on the ride we were like ‘Oh my God, we are actually doing this’

Zan: Today when we were driving back into the site today, it was like ‘Guys, remembered when we cycled here’ yeah we did that, we actually cycled all the way here from  London. But nothing beats playing Download, did you see the amount of people that were in that tent.

Could you tell how busy it was from stage?

Zan: No, we knew there were people outside but we had no idea how deep it went. Our crew came out and they were like ‘It’s really busy out there’ and we thought they were just being nice and they were telling us that there were some people out there.

When really its 20 people and a dog…

Zan: We’re happy if 20 people and a dog turn us to see us that’s great. That’s some people, there’s nothing worse than playing to a festival and no one turning up. We went on and the noise…we overran because the applause went on for so long that we couldn’t get off the stage (Laughs).

It has been a long build for you guys. From Sonisphere 2014, to the release of the album, then going out and doing big supporting slots then two of your own very successful tours. Has it sunk in yet that this is what you guys do now?

Timia: No, I don’t think it’s ever going to.

Zan: You constantly just go, ‘this is my job’…

Timia: But it’s not like this every day though, most of it’s very very pedestrian and normal, with these weird little pockets like this week where everything is incredible, then it goes back to being very normal, so you have time to think.

Zan: You get to remind yourself that your job now is to stand onstage and sing Transformers at people and things like that, you get paid to do that, they will pay us to come and do it, that’s pretty cool.

Whose idea was it to record the cover of Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’?

Zan: It was the Truants idea actually. We had suggested that we would be happy to do a charity single for a good cause and our lovely sound engineer Olly gave up his time for free as well to record something, and the Truants said it had to be Bicycle Race by Queen and we were like ‘ok, done’ and Queen shared it which was the most amazing thing, when Queen go ‘yeah girls that was really good’ then you know it’s a good day at work.

So what is next for you guys?

Zan: Everyone keeps asking us what is next, and when we are back out on the road. We’ve only just been given the green light to talk about this but we are going back out in September with our very good friend Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup on his solo tour called ‘Heartbreak and Hilarity’ we are very excited to be joining him.

Timia: I’m hoping it’s all hilarity and no heartbreak! (laughs)

Zan: Jaret is one of our favourite people, so it’s going to be nothing but fun so we can’t wait. We are working on a couple of other things but we can’t talk about that yet.

Surely a collaboration has to be in order….

Timia: Who Knows…

Will there be some new videos to coincide with the tour?

Zan: Maybe. Depends if we have any time.

Which is rare because you guys are always busy.

Zan: We are always busy, but we manage to shoehorn in some things here and there.

And of course, you guys have Glastonbury coming up next. Are you doing a Glasto medley?

Zan: Yeah!, we’re very excited. We don’t tend to do a medley for Glasto because the lineup is so extensive that it would be impossible to do, with the Download one we try to do a lot of the smaller bands, but it’s a general genre whereas with the Glastonbury lineup it’s so big.

Timia:  It’s sprawling. A medley would take up the entire festival. We’d start it on the Friday and finish it on the Sunday.

The only reason I would love to see a Glasto medley is because Napalm Death are playing and I want to hear what the Lounge Kittens covering Napalm Death sounds like.

Zan: That would be really easy because it would be really short. It would just be ‘BAH!!’ (laughs) We could do a Napalm Death song anyway, we don’t have to put it in a medley.

I think that is the final word on this interview, I’m not sure where we go from that. (Laughs) thank you ladies, it’s been a pleasure.

Lounge Kittens: Thank you.

You can download The Lounge Kittens and The Heavy Metal Truants cover of Queens Bicycle from Amazon for 99p.

The Lounge Kittens will be appearing with Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick as the special guests on the Heartache and Hilarity Tour in September 2017. The dates of the tour can be found below:

Heartache & Hilarity: Jaret Reddick w/ Special Guests The Lounge Kittens September 2017 Tour

Wednesday 13th – Glasgow – O2 ABC 2
Thursday 14th – Leeds – Key Club
Friday 15th – Brighton – Concorde 2
Saturday 16th – Bristol – Thekla
Sunday 17th – Nottingham – Rescue Rooms
Monday 18th – Wolverhampton – Slade Rooms
Tuesday 19th – Newcastle – Riverside
Wednesday 20th – Manchester – Gorilla
Thursday 21st – London – Islington Assembly Hall

Tickets are available from and

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