Trivium Begin Hinting At Eighth Studio Album With Website Blackout, Teaser Clip

Trivium on stage at Roundhouse London 17th February 2017

Trivium are at it again!

Anyone who remembers their launch for their last album Silence In The Snow two years ago may remember that their website was blacked out (or more appropriately, whited out). This then led onto a game where people had to dig out the now very well known Silence In The Snow skull “out of the snow”, with the video for the album’s title track eventually being revealed after a couple of weeks of teasing.

Now, it seems history is repeating. The Trivium website had gone dark, aside from a brown background and an email sign up form. About half an hour ago today (26th July), a short teaser video was added to the site, proclaiming “VIII.I”, along with some suitably intriguing imagery. Head over to Trivium’s official website to see for yourselves.

Trivium were most recently in the UK for the final leg of the Silence In The Snow tour back in February. You can check our review of that show right here. They were also the subject of the very first episode of the Back C(h)atalogue podcast by our own James and Sam, covering a band’s discography in it’s entirety. We’ll keep you posted with any further developments but hopefully this means new music is imminent!


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