Crossfaith – Freedom EP

    Crossfaith - Freedom EP Artwork

    Crossfaith are back with a brand new three track EP. Following on from last years EP, Crossfaith are keeping a steady stream of new music coming before they release a new full length. One of the biggest criticisms of Crossfaith is that they have never quite matched their insane live shows on record, with the exception of their breakthrough Zion EP. So is the FREEDOM EP able to capture the brilliance of their live shows?

    The biggest change from the last EP is that the focus this time is placed a lot more on the electronic and dance elements of Crossfaiths sound. This is definitely not a bad thing as the first two tracks on this EP are ridiculously fun. The title track has Kens vocals take some influence from rap as well as keeping the clean choruses they introduced on the last album. This is backed up by the sort of riff Crossfaith have become so skilled at, the kind that will alwats get crowds bouncing along. Still the standout moment on this track comes when Enter Shikari’s Rou Reynolds arrives for a guest vocal slot. A slow burning rap that erupts into Rous typically unhinged screaming.

    As fun as FREEDOM is, it’s nothing compared to what follows. Rockstar Steady sits nicely alongside Wildfire as one of the most bonkers songs Crossfaith have ever released. It’s another track that deserves to be on regular rotation at any metal club. The dance beats combined with the riffing is a guaranteed party starting combo. Again this track features a guest vocal performance from Japanese rapper Jesse. It’s a lyrically daft moment but it’s just so much fun. This song needs to become a mainstay in their live set.

    Diavolos is the closest to anything off the last album. More of a straight up metalcore song but with a slight industrial edge to the synths this time. It also features one of the better choruses have come out with, feeling perfectly suited for larger venues Crossfaith are looking to fill. Kens clean vocals have certainly improved over the two EPs released since Xeno. And the breakdown on this track is just Crossfaith at their heaviest.

    Clocking in at 10 minutes this is just a short taster from Crossfaith but it gets the job done. If this is the direction the band are heading in for the next album then fans have a lot to look forward to. Crossfaith deliver three strong tracks that could easily slot into the live set and become standouts. The addition of some nice guest vocalists give this EP a bit more presence as well. It might be short but even within 10 minutes, Crossfaith can still bring the party better than anyone else.

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