Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation

    Thy Art Is Murder 2017 Dear Desolation Album Cover

    Overall Score: 9/10
    Riffs: 9/10
    Vocals: 9/10
    Songs: 9/10
    Pros: Brutal innovative Death Metal
    Cons: Feels a little short

    I think its safe to say we all thought there may not be another Thy Art Is Murder album after ‘Holy War’ and the spectacular exit of vocalist CJ McMahon. But as they say time is a great healer and with CJ now focused and back in the fold, there is a new album in the form of ‘Dear Desolation’ which I think could be their best album yet.

    This is a ferocious groove laden monolith of an album that sounds like it should be the go to for music played at the gates of hell. This is death metal in its most inspired form. Dear Desolation isn’t an album that will make you work for it’s secrets, instead it takes a sledgehammer and beats them into you. The opening triple threat of ‘Slaves Beyond Death’, ‘Son of Misery’ and ‘Puppet Master’ put most bands to shame, especially the latter which somehow manages to blend Decapitated and Lamb of God styles grooves with the skull crushing intensity of Cannibal Corpse to stunning effect.

    Thy Art Is Murder have never sounded as intense or as vital as they do here. Everything works to its maximum effect, whether its the tighter than tight musicianship, the incredible production of the more venonous than a room full of angry cobras vocals but McMahon, there is barely a moment to breathe on this album

    This isn’t an album so much as it is a statement of intent from a band reborn, refocused and pissed off as all hell. Thy Art Is Murder are back, better than ever and ready to crush all that stands in their way.

    Dear Desolation is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.


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