Chon Live @ The Garage, London, 16th October 2017

Chon Band Promo Photo

When it comes to the more technical side of things, Chon have built up a real cult following over the last few years. Their relaxed take on mathcore has won over many fans from all different scenes be it indie rock or tech-metal. In support of their latest album Homey the band headed out on a UK tour which saw them packing in all kinds of different fans into The Garage.

Opener Yvette Young (7) did her best despite portions of the crowd trying their hardest to talk as loudly as possible over her performance. When it’s just a solo acoustic performance the noise from the crowd really does start to drown out her songs and its a huge shame. Her songs demonstrate an incredibly amount of technicality and her vocal really does shine. She never lets the noise from the crowd deter her too much and those who are giving her their full attention seem to really enjoy her set.

Chon (8) face no such issues and have the packed out room in the palm of their hand from the very beginning. Everything about this set feels entirely effortless. Despite how ridiculously technical things get, the band never stop feeling like the most laid back group of people. Even without any vocals to sing along to the entire audience is completely captivated by their performance. The band take occasional moments to talk to the crowd but for the most part they let the music do all the talking. The vibe for the majority of the set is incredibly chilled out until the band asked for a mosh pit late on. Even then it’s seems like one of the most relaxed pits ever.

It isn’t until the encore that they perform one of the few songs with vocals which does make a nice change. It’s still a testament to their musicianship that despite everything being almost entirely instrumental things never get boring. The songs are just so interesting and different that it never feels dull or repetitive. Nor does it ever feel entirely self indulgent for the band. Chon are certainly one of the most unique bands around right now and based on how they packed out The Garage it’s clear they are moving up and onto bigger things.

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