Butcher Babies – Lilith

    Butcher Babies Lilith Album Cover Artwork 800px

    Overall Score: 8.5/10
    Riffs: 8/10
    Vocals: 8/10
    creativity: 7/10
    Pros: Songs sound huge and full of experimentation
    Cons: some parts dont work as well as others

    Butcher Babies came onto the metal scene like a bolt out of the blue. No one expected them, but for the most part we embraced them. With 2 EP’s and 2 full lengths already to their name, it was time to see what they could deliver on album number 3. This would be the test of their staying power.

    Entitled Lilith, Butcher Babies’ third album is a pretty wild ride. It seems like they wanted to push themselves and try some new things, which gives us both their heaviest and most experimental album to date.

    The album’s opening track ‘Burn the Straw Man’ is the heaviest thing they have ever done and feels like a punch in the mouth right feom the off. Be warned though, the chorus and main riff will also lodge themselves inside your head. From there you have the seductive single Headspin, which manages to be both sexually charged and ridiculously heavy in the same instance. It was a good choice of first single.

    Oceana and The Huntsman both display the more experimental aspects of the album with a lot of atmospherics and long moments of clean vocals, that are haunting and dark rather than in your face aggressive. The albums most ridiculous moment comes in the form of Pomona (shit happens) which drops a dude where’s my car moment right into the middle of it, its a funny little touch that livens up the song.

    Overall Lilith showcases a focused Butcher Babies that have now realised what they are capable of and who have settled into their and have now become confident showing off mpre sides of who they are. It might not be as immediate as their previous album ‘Take it like a Man’ but you will definitely get more out of it in the long run.

    Lilith is out now on Century Media Records.


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