Pretty Little Enemy – Second Load EP

    Pretty Little Enemy - Second Load EP Artwork 800px

    The UK rock scene has been a hot bed of red hot talent for years now, with some truly special bands breaking through in the process. Enter Pretty Little Enemy, the next band to step up and try their luck. Not that they will need much in the way of luck, as they happen to be rather good at what they do. The Second Load ep is an example of how to do bouncy radio rock and do it well.

    There is no pretence or cynicism here (unlike certain bands that could be named…) just a young band having fun and writing some truly great tunes. Frontwoman Louise Body is a star in the making, with a killer voice and charisma to burn. She slinks and soars all over this release. With that said the rest of the band are no slouches either providing a solid platform for her to launch from.

    Get a Grip and Collide are fine examples of the kind of massive anthems in waiting that Pretty Little Enemy are capable of writing and shows you how far that they could go in the future. Second Load may only be a taster of whats to come, but I for one cannot wait to see where they go from here.

    Pretty Little Enemy’s Second Load is out now.

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