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Here we are once again, another year over. So as is customary this time of year it’s time to look over the highs and lows from the world of music, and this time it is the turn of our own charismatic enigma, Simon Crampton.

Album of the Year – Creeper – Eternity in your arms

This was a tough choice as there have been some real crackers this year. But I think in terms of shelf life, longevity and recently hearing the whole thing played live then it has to be Eternity, in your arms by Creeper. Just an absolutely massive album with boundless potential that showcases what a unique and wildly special band they are. This is also only their debut album which is astonishing when you think about the possibilities for them going forward.

Honourable mentions:
While She Sleeps – You Are We
Code Orange – Forever
Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
Body Count – Bloodlust

Song of the Year – Code Orange – Bleeding in the Blur

What can i say? this song has not left my playlist in a full year. I cannot get enough of it. This is probably the most accessible song the band has written and it still goes harder than most modern metal bands. Its a great song, that slays live and you can drop it in a club and get everyone moving. But probably the most telling thing about it is that even after playing it to death, I’m still not sick of it yet.

Gig of the year – Iron Maiden – Sheffield Arena

2017 has been a year for smaller gigs on my end. But even in the most loaded of gig years nothing beats the sight of Iron Maiden in a massive arena surrounded by the faithful. This was their first headline tour om years and they proved once again that the magic is still there. Its equal parts concert and heavy mental panto and still bags of fun. This show in particular goes down as a favourite for several personal reasons that raised the experience and capped off a great night.

Festival Performance of the year – A Day To Remember @ Download Festival 2017

2017 was the year I finally saw A Day to Remember live and it did not disappoint. Download was one of the best in recent memory this year and A Day To Remember stole the whole thing away from everyone else. Going on just before Headliners Biffy Clyro they played one of the most fun, energetic and banger filled sets I have ever seen grace Donington. To be able to turn up before a headliner and completely upstage them is no easy task but on this day A Day To Remember made it look like just another day at the office. stunning stuff

Music Video of the year – Kendrick Lamar – Humble

I love Kendrick Lamar. I think he is one of the most gifted hip hop artists working today and the video for Humble is simply brilliant. Its full of Striking imagery that provokes thought ans stands out on its own as its own unique piece of art. Proving once again how important music videos used to be when done correctly.

Most Disappointing album of the year – Paramore – After Laughter

I think the disappointing thing about Paramore these days is that I constantly expect them to disappoint me. This is a band that I invested a lot of emotions in, that I now feel I cannot fully connect with anymore. I applaud them for trying something different. But its just so boring After Laughter is background noise, without a single catchy hook or memorable lyric. This album disappeared from my memory not long after i stopped listening to it.

Favourite New Band of 2017 – Venom Prison

Venom Prison are a band who have had a great year. Riding into 2017 on the back of their amazing album Animus they have proceeded to scratch, claw and earn every opportunity placed in front of them, from supporting suicide silence to laying waste to download and earning a spot opening fro trivium next year and earning some awards in the process, Venom Prison are one of the most exciting bands around and a band who are gonna rule 2018.

Band of the Year – Code Orange

No band has had a year quite like Code Orange. They dropped one of the years heaviest and best albums in January then went on to support Gojira and system of a down on some huge tours, laid waste to the European festival circuit, played a WWE NXT event, and are ending the year being nominated for a Grammy and having massive billboards of themselves blasted all over major cities in the u.s. Not bad for a band for doesn’t play by the rules.

Most heartbreaking moment of 2017 – Saying Goodbye to Chester Bennington

In July the rock world was sent into a state of shock over the passing of Chester Bennington. I think i speak for a lot of people when i say that for many of us he was one of the defining voices of a generation, my generation. We grew up with his voice and his lyrics and he helped many of us overcome a lot of the same demons that took him away from us. In a lot of ways it still doesn’t seem real, but watching the tribute concert for him brought it all home. It’s a loss that affected us all and is still being felt now.

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