Youth Killed It Win Rock Sins Video Of The Year 2017 With Popstar

Youth Killed It Band Promo Photo

Well, well, well. What a battle it was. Twelve bands and their respective music videos and over five and a half thousand videos. A titanic struggle broke out between goth favourites Wednesday 13 and Cradle Of Filth, who were then both overhauled by British rockers Youth Killed It. For the rest of the week the three bands battled it out, to then be joined by a late charge from Yorkshire outfit As Sirens Fall. But in the end, it was five Norwich natives of Youth Killed It who took home the title of Rock Sins Video Of The Year for 2017.

You can check out their winning video, Popstar, right here.

Their album, Modern Bollotics, is out now on Rude Records.

Stay tuned as Rock Sins starts a whole new year of video of the week contests in 2018 very, very soon. Who will join Youth Killed It and Babymetal as 2018’s video of the year winner? Keep coming back to Rock Sins and voting to find out.