Caleb Scofield Of Cave In And Old Man Gloom Passes Away Following Road Accident, Fund Launched For Family

Caleb Scofield Cave In

Some very, very sad news for us to report this evening. Caleb Scofield, bassist with the wonderful Cave In, as well as Old Man Gloom, passed away yesterday on the 28th of March 2018 following a truck collision. More details are emerging of what happened, and can be read here (some people may find the details upsetting – Caleb was only 39.

Caleb is survived by his wife Jen as well as two children, Sydney and Desmond. A crowd funding page has been set up to help the family with the funeral expenses and other associated costs. If anyone would like to donate to the fund, please visit

Many of us here at Rock Sins were big fans of both of Caleb Scofield’s bands and we send our deepest sympathies to his family, his friends, his bandmates and the fans of his bands worldwide.

Photo credit to the Cave In Facebook page.

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