Marmozets w/ Queen Zee – Live @ Sheffield, Leadmill – 11th February 2018

Becca Marmozets

Marmozets played the penultimate date of their February UK tour last month following the release of their long awaited sophomore album “Knowing What You Know Now” and people were dying to hear material from the release that’s already a strong contender for Album Of The Year.

Starting the night off with a riot are Liverpool’s Queen Zee (7) who come onto the stage kicking and screaming with their D.I.Y punk noises. Providing a truly energetic set, Queen Zee owns the stage and is clearly not daunted by the large crowd. The five-piece smash out songs like “Boy” and “Porno”, a song dedicated to anybody that has had bad sex, which has a very gritty, sleazy feel to it. Zee then introduces “Fly The Pink Flag” which was written after the shooting in Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando that happened in 2016 and tackles homophobia and transphobia. This is met to a very vocal, positive response from the sold out crowd. Queen Zee stand for something very important in today’s current climate and people should take notice.

Over the last few years Marmozets (9) have been making a name for themselves as being one the most exciting bands in Britain and tonight is a shining example of why that is. The band come out to a rapturous response from the crowd, opening with a new track “New Religion” and from the start it is clear to see that tonight’s performance is going to be electric. This in itself feels like Marmozets are making a statement, they could have opened with one of the lead singles from the album, but didn’t, which tells you just how strong they know these new songs are.

Throughout the set we see Becca Macintyre dance across the stage whilst the band power through a set full of older material such as “Move, Shake, Hide” which also gets the crowd moving a lot. The new material blends in seamlessly with the songs from Marmozets’ debut and tracks like “Play” and “Habits” already feel like they should be played in much bigger rooms. You can see on the bands’ faces that they’re over the moon with how the crowd have been reacting to the new songs, even with an unexpected appearance from one of the more experimental and slower tracks, “Insomnia” which breaks things up nicely and showcases just how great a vocalist Becca really is.

Marmozets draw towards the end of the night with a world beating run of 4 songs starting with the absolutely massive sounding “Run With The Rhythm” being performed beautifully with Becca’s voice filling the room when she holds that note at the end of the song. This is followed by a contrasting fan-favourite “Why Do You Hate Me?” which is much more intense and punchy and has more of a math-rock feel to it, showing off multiple sides of Marmozets’ palette. “Major System Error” is a just another example of how every song off of the latest album feels like it was built for much larger rooms (which it’s bound to make its way to very soon). The band close with the wonderful “Captivate You” which leads to a sing-a-long that feels like a very fitting way to round off the night with the words “One strength one heart, is all you need tonight. Tonight, tonight, tonight” echoing throughout the room.

It’s very rare that a band that have only just released their second album can play with a setlist that has a large chunk of songs from both albums can still leave you wishing they’d played this song or that song, (‘Me & You’ would be much appreciated next time around!) but Marmozets achieved that and it says a lot about the arsenal of songs they actually have at their disposal. 2018 is going to be Marmozets’ year. Watch this space.

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