Canvas, Lifetight, My Only – Live At The Black Heart – October 12th 2017

Canvas Band Photo

Tonight at the The Black Heart is a special night. It is the celebration for a super hardworking band Canvas.

The first band I managed to catch on the night as My Only who have been on my list for a good while now! They had a great reception from the crowd who are also familiar with the band. Songs like “No World Without You” can only go down well in a packed room on a Thursday night.

Next up are Lifetight who are a new band to the scene however the members who make up the band are very familiar with the industry. Members from Lock & Key help build up this amazing band who are only going to bring beautiful music to the hardcore scene. I was a massive fan of the first single as well as the bands brand image so I assume this band are going to make a real mark on the UK metal scene…I hope.

Last but not least were Canvas. This is my first time seeing the band and they met every expectation I had. Everyone has said how hard working this band are and since re-branding they have brought a lot of new fans over to their amazingly hard working fan base. I really enjoyed this show and really enjoyed Canvas’s set.

However, my SD card corrupted meaning I lost the photographs from the night. At least the show was incredible!!


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