The Dead XIII – Dark Days

    The Dead XIII - Dark Days Album Cover Artwork

    Overall Score: 9/10
    Riffs: 9/10
    Atmoshpere: 8/10
    Replay Value: 8/10
    Pros: Huge songs brought to life with a killer atmosphere
    Cons: virtually nothing

    Over the years there has been no shortage of bands trying to grab your attention and distinguish themselves from the crowd. Whether you do it with a gimmick or a by sheer force of music, everyone is looking to do something different.

    This is where The Dead XIII come in, and boy do they come in strong. I will admit to being unfamiliar with them until their second album ‘Dark Days’ fell in my lap, but that was most certainly a mistake on my part. Picking up the pieces left over from The Defiled breaking up, The Dead XIII looks set to become the UK’s hot goth sensations, and Dark Days is certainly an album that will get them there.

    When you can throw out songs like ‘Bloodlines, ‘Killers’ and ‘Play Hell’ like its the easiest thing in the world, then surely the world will easily be yours. The Dead XIII manage to take the biggest, meatiest riffs they possibly can, meld then on to a synth sound somewhere between Tim Burton and Joy Division and lay paint stripping vocals over the top with such ease that its frightening.

    Nowadays, in a scene that is jam packed of copy artists and almost rans, its hard to find a voice and to produce something genuinely exciting, but apparently not for The Dead XIII. This is heavy, at times brutal, melancholy goth metal done right, that sounds at its most brilliant like The Cure started a knife fight with Parkway Drive, with Motionless in White watching taking bets on a winner.

    Dark Days is a breath of undead air that will hopefully kick a few people up the ass and reignite a stagnant scene. You should definitely familiarise yourself with the name The Dead XIII now because you will be hearing a lot in the years to come.

    Dark Days is out now as a self-release.


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