The Fever 333 Live @ Islington Academy, London, August 22nd 2018

The Fever 333 Band Promo Photo

Word of mouth surrounding The Fever 333 (10) has been spreading like wildfire. With just an EP out and a single UK show, the band managed to sell out the Islington Academy in 3 days. With this sort of buzz it is easy to write it all off as nothing more than hype if the band couldn’t deliver. But when you’ve got the most exciting front man around and one of the freshest takes on rock music, The Fever 333 completely blow all that hype away.

The band set the tone perfectly from the very most moment. With Jason Butler stood in front of the bands introductory video with a bag on his head, the imagery on display is striking and shows the band have already put so much thought into what they do. This is all quickly blown away though as the band burst into their opening song. It’s hard to know where to look as all three members are exploding with energy. Everything Jason Butler did to make him such an iconic front man is present here. With him scaling up to the venue balcony during second song We’re Coming In, it’s clear he hasn’t mellowed out at all.

This isn’t just the Jason Butler show, as guitarist Stevis Harrison and drummer Aric Improta are just as exciting to watch. Stevis flies around the stage flinging his guitar all over the place whilst Aric smashes his kit like a madman even managing to break it a few songs in. Add in the songs and The Fever 333 already have one of the most electrifying sets going. Made An America already sounds like a huge anthem as the entire room belts out the chorus whilst Trigger whips the crowd into a frenzy of crowd surfers and mosh pits.

Even as the band play several unreleased songs they never lose the crowd. Jasons passion during slower song Southside of Inglewood completely captivates the entire room in a way that only he can. His dedication of it to his son as a powerful emotional weight to the song. He delivers several speeches throughout the set but they never feel forced or cliche. Every word that comes out of his mouth feels important and just so genuine, and it really makes an impact on everyone in the room.

A final run of Soul’d Me Out, Walking In My Shoes and Hunting Season wrap up the hour long set that absolutely flew by. For so many in the crowd, tonight will have certainly felt special. And from the look on Jason’s face it is also clearly a special moment for the band. This is a band that just feels so vital right now. Their message is powerful and their passion cannot be stopped. This is just the beginning for The Fever 333 and that makes the future of this band feel even more exciting.

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