Monster Truck – True Rockers

Monster Truck - True Rockers Album Artwork

9 years since forming Canadian band Monster Truck have overcome the difficult 3rd album syndrome by releasing the stereo melting ‘True Rockers’. Packed with ad-libs, huge choruses, rock & roll swagger and Dee Mother Fucking Snider, this album propels the band into the next level of live venue as it is begging to be performed in huge spaces, in fact, the entire vibe of the album is such you could be forgiven for thinking they recorded it while standing in a circle and playing.

Previous album ‘Sittin’ Heavy’ was released two years ago and the subsequent touring saw Monster Truck play with pretty much everyone and everywhere, cementing their live reputation and indeed much of this record was demoed whilst on tour. It keeps that Monster Truck sound that’s done them so well so far, but their live energy has transferred across, particularly on opener True Rocker and the bouncy Being Cool Is Over.

It’s Evolution and Undone, however, where the band start to spread their wings a little and really push their songwriting capabilities and prove you can still ooze southern blue from the great white north. By the time Denim Danger rolls around no one will disagree with the line that this their town and with album closer The Howling, Monster Truck bring you back down again, ready to just let the CD go back to the beginning while you pour another Whisky.

With this album and the impending tour with Black Stone Cherry, 2019 will see the band go from festival treats to festival must-haves and their own giant headline tour surely beckons.

True Rockers is out now on Mascot Records and Monster Truck will be on these shores supporting Black Stone Cherry (along with The Cadillac Three) in the winter.

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