Bitch Hawk Gear Up For New Album JOY With Latest Single Optical Character Recognition

Bitch Hawk 2018 Promo Photo

Bitch Hawk are a very interesting band we have recently come across. Comprised of four very unique individuals including an internationally respected jazz musician and the co-writer of Icona Pop’s I Love It (I Don’t Care) – this is not the recipe one would expect to be playing speed metal at the extreme end of the heavy spectrum. It’s also what makes them such an interesting band.

Their new album JOY is due out in a couple of weeks on the 2nd of November through Adrian Recordings, and they have just released the third single from the album, the uniquely titled Optical Character Recognition. Check it out below:

They have also released two other singles from the album so far, Baby Love, and the title track JOY. Both of which can also be streamed below:

Bitch Hawk see their new album as being one for people of all kinds:

“JOY is for the oppressed, the beaten, smashed, abused and neglected. But also wankers, idiots, losers and primitive humans will surely find something compelling here.”

“The Bitch Hawk has laid its second egg this year, and this time it’s so damned hard that it was a pain in the ass to deliver. But we’re very pleased with it. Looks great, smells OK, sounds brutal.”

Anyone who would like to pre-order JOY on Vinyl can do so here –

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