Download Festival 2018 – Saturday Avalanche / Dogtooth Stages Review

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Continuing the rundown of all the action from Donington from Middle Saturday, we’ve got the considerable highlights of Download 2018’s smallest two stages from Middle Saturday. Read on for what we witnessed at The Avalanche Stage and The Dogtooth Stage, including THAT UK live debut from The Fever 333. In addition, if you’ve missed any of our previous Download Festival 2018 coverage, you’ll find the links to catch up just below as well.

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Tigress (6) provide a fun start to the day on the Avalanche stage. The essex rockers continue to grow and develop, with material off their latest EP proving to be the highlights of their set. Vocalist Katy Jackson is what really elevates them though, her powerful vocals give every song more punch. There is still plenty of room for them to grow but Tigress are certainly headed in the right direction and this set really did show plenty of promise. SD

Rolo Tomassi (9) are having one hell of a year hitting new heights in their career, from rave reviews of their fifth studio album Time Will Die and Love Will Bury It, to their recent biggest ever UK tour. Download was a great extension of that providing them the perfect opportunity to perform to their ever increasing fan base as well as being exposed to a mixed audience of inquisitive newbies. Vocalist Eva Spence gave a jaw dropping performance, her reverberating scream dominating the large tent from the outset, adding in her trademark dancing she had the crowd captured in a trance like a snake charmer.

The band were great throughout, controlling their chaotically heavy music with a precise performance and a great sound setup helping to smooth the transition between the extreme and the melodic ends of their sound. The performance will have definitely captured a few more fans for the band and even more who simply appreciate the sheer vocal athleticism of Eva Spence and the immense quality of the band as a whole. IW

As a very late addition to the line up, The Fever 333 (10) playing their first UK show at Download was already an exciting prospect, and they did not disappoint. From the opening video that played before their set it felt like this was going to be something special. When the curtain finally dropped and the band appeared backed by a line of people with their arms raised the entire tent exploded. What followed was arguably the most exciting set of the weekend. Feeling like just as much a protest as it was a performance, The Fever 333 just felt so vital for every second they spent on stage. The songs brilliantly mash up elements of so many genres from hardcore to hip hop. And the bands energy was unmatched, complete with all the backflips and sweet dance moves you could ask for. The fact they are a three piece makes things more impressive. And course Jason Butler is still the most charismatic and electrifying frontman around. With only one EP out The Fever 333 have already made a huge impact and there is no telling how far they’ll go. SD

Thy Art Is Murder (7) couldn’t care less about Guns N Roses over on the mainstage. The Aussie deathcore mob are a great alternative for anyone looking for something heavier to end their Saturday on. The band were on obnoxiously heavy form as they played to an overflowing Dogtooth stage, it’s very clear a lot of people share the bands view towards Guns N Roses. Some sound issues rob the band of some impact but songs like Holy War and The Purest Strain Of Hate still hit harder than a lot whats come before them. CJ McMahon’s charisma and stage banter always helps give Thy Art Is Murder more personality than any other deathcore band and this set was no different, it’s no surprise that he has become such an iconic figure in this scene. Their cover of Rammstein’s Du Hast is a very cool addition to their set as the band really make it their own before they wrap things up with the always devastating Reign Of Darkness. SD

Words by Sam Dignon (SD) and Iain Willets (IW).

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