Video Of The Week (26th October) – Halloween Special

Rock Sins Video Of The Week

Following on from our most recent winners Delayed Departure coming out on top last time, we’ve got a Halloween themed special edition of video of the week for you all to enjoy!

We’re kicking off this week with a video that has a low budget feel but that doesn’t stop it from being great at the same time. London punk trio Strange Planes’ new single Darkness Here is inspired by a certain very famous poem involving a certain kind of bird (Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven for anyone who doesn’t pick it up on their own). The track is very catchy too, so it’s a great way to kick off our Halloween special video of the week!

Latvian newcomers Neon Saturdays turn things on their head, literally, in their spooky new video for the very aptly named Gravity. It’s a hugely clever video, some of the best trickery we’ve seen in a music video all year. The track isn’t half bad either – so check it out!

Continuing with the Halloween theme, we never thought we’d see Halestorm hamming it up as they are in their new clip for Do Not Disturb. A combination of Rocky Horror, Elvira and an assortment of B horror movie cliches await in this absolutely hilarious video (would you trust a chef that looked like Arejay Hale in that get up? – No, we wouldn’t either). It brings the song to life in a whole new way and needs to be seen.

Americana punks The Menzingers have gathered “The Freaks” for their new single and its accompanying video. With a very interesting Halloween party theme (have you ever kissed a crocodile?), this is likely to go down a storm with The Menzingers’ ever growing army of fans, and win them a whole load of new ones too!

No strangers at all to gore, extreme metal favourites Bloodbath have gone full slasher flick for the video of their new single Chainsaw Lullaby. You can imagine with a title like Chainsaw Lullaby, it’s not exactly the subtlest of videos, but will definitely please any fans of old school horror films with a bit of blood in!

Last up this week, another band paying homage to the more gruesome end of the spectrum when it comes to Halloween films, Ice Nine Kills have taken it to the next level. Having dedicated all the videos from singles off their current album The Silver Scream to the theme of horror, Stabbing In The Dark is the most in-depth one yet, featuring a two minute intro, making this far more of a mini movie than just your average music video. Ice Nine Kills even went as far as recruiting Ricky Dean Logan of Freddy’s Dead fame to star in the video – so full marks for dedication to the bloody cause.

So, it is time to vote for your favourite Halloween inspired video! The voting will close at Midday UK time on Thursday November 1st, so get voting for your favourites!

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Strange Planes – Darkness Here

Neon Saturdays – Gravity

Halestorm – Do Not Disturb

The Menzingers – The Freaks

Bloodbath – Chainsaw Lullaby

Ice Nine Kills – Stabbing In The Dark